Selection of Equipment and Material:

We calculate, size, and select all sort of equipment and material including pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, storage tanks, pressure vessels, air handlers, chillers, filters, scrubbers, cooling towers, pipes, valves, fittings, special items, etc.

Our engineers have competencies needed for all range of projects from below one million dollars in small projects, up to multi-hundred million dollars in mega projects. We serve all industries including but not limited to buildings, municipal, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, and oil & gas.

When it comes to procurement we can serve our customers with the following tasks:

  • Plan and monitor the supply of material/equipment
  • Prepare contracts
  • Negotiate with suppliers and shipping companies
  • Perform Technical Bid Analysis (TBA’s or TBE’s)
  • Prepare Inspection and Test Plan documents (ITP’s)
  • Assign Third Party Inspectors
  • Plan material lifting and shipment
  • Control/Audit quality documents/systems
  • Control contractual/financial documents
  • Schedule payment milestones
  • Control procurement progress and approve invoices (if authorized, on behalf of clients)


Preparation of Procedures:

We perform studies of the existing routines / procedures, finding shortcomings and areas for improvement and suggesting procedures for optimizing engineering tasks of various disciplines, procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up.

Improvement of paper work:

We have talented experienced EPC managers / engineers / integrators who save you considerable amounts of money by assisting you with optimization of the bureaucracy of your organization, whether in engineering offices or construction fields.

Brown field / Capital maintenance projects:

We have years of experience in performing refurbishment and upgrade to existing plants and buildings. We have experts who inspect machineries, diagnose problems or needs for improvement, and prescribe solutions, according to the client's criteria and preferences. Either a bottlenecking or an upgrade, we have a lot to share. Our presentation, becomes evident to our clients in the first session, after we present the first results of our site visit. We believe our clients should make confident decisions, so we can give them the peace of mind they need before asking for any signature on the contracts. We serve all industries with such services including but not limited to buildings, municipal, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, hydro, and oil & gas.


We perform conceptual design and feasibility studies for oil & gas and power plant projects. Similarly, we perform EDS for municipal projects. We prepare capital cost and operating cost estimate for all sorts of projects.


We prepare Spare Parts Interchangeability Records (SPIR) for commissioning and 2-years spare parts stock of plants.