We are experienced in using different engineering software for design and analysis of mechanical equipment and structures. Some of our previous work included 3D modeling of turbine blades, hydraulic structures, and ST dampers.

Petro Sadr is dedicated to provide a wide range of services for design of industrial equipment and systems. Those services include but are not limited to:

  • Machinery design
  • Mining equipment design
  • Structural steel design
  • Design of API 650 Tanks
  • Design/modification of pressure vessel as per ASME Sec VIII
  • Design of piping systems as per ASME B31.3 and B31.1
  • Fall protection system design
  • Fire protection system design 
  • Drafting for various plant design

Stress Analysis:

Having years of experience in finite element analysis enabled us to carry out dynamic/static analysis for complex structures and equipments under various service loads. In addition, we are expert in

  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Coupled-field applications
  • Vibration analysis including modal, harmonic, response spectrum and transient analysis
  • Lifting equipment such as spreader beams, jib cranes, gantry cranes, etc.
  •  Acoustic analysis
  • Dynamic/static load analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis of both steady state and transient systems

Some of FE projects we performed by our engineering team includes:

  • Stress analysis of gas turbine blades by experimental test and finite element method
  • Stress and modal analyses for hydraulic structures
  • Vibration analysis of marine risers used to carry gas/oil from sea floor to production platform
  • Performed stress analysis of ST (Spacer Twister) dampers and specified allowable stress
  • Modal analysis of Mowj frigate to obtain mode shapes and natural frequencies
  • Fatigue analysis of leaf springs for VOLVO Truck FH12 through experimental and numerical models

Failure Analysis:

Our team is expert in determining main cause of different types of failures in structures and equipment. We possess extensive training and experience in fault investigation of centrifugal pumps, steel structures, and gas turbines. Features of root cause failure analysis capabilities include:

  • Analysis conducted by our registered professional engineers by APEGBC
  • Root cause failure analysis determination
  • Broad failure analysis experience
  • Failure mode identification
  • Photographic documentation
  • Fracture evaluations

3D Laser scanning of existing plants:

Our company provides laser scanning and point cloud database management services to the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Metal
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Infrastructure & Urban Design


In addition, we are capable of creating intelligent 3D-models out of point cloud data and convert them into simple CAD systems to be used for design and engineering projects.

On industrial fields, mostly our services applies to the following categories:

  • As-Built 3D Modeling
  • Brownfield Projects
  • Data Collection
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Loss Assessment
  • Documentations
  • Plant Operation Management
  • Reverse Engineering