Petro Sadr Corporation (PSC) is a collective of Professional Engineers and Inspectors with over 20+ years of experience within their respective fields. Our engineers and inspectors work together from all over Canada with a greater objective; to provide sustainable, practical, innovative, and cost-effective design solutions. We have built working relationships with clients across Canada including, but not limited to fabricators, developers, and contractors. Our reputation and superior quality standards stand nothing shy of exemplary, this has enabled us to work on some major projects alongside some hugely recognizable firms. These challenging projects have displayed our innovative and specialized work. As our engineers have worked in many diverse environments such as suburban regions and cities within BC, while at the same time have been put to the challenge of the freezing prairie winters in Saskatchewan and Alberta.



Even with our accelerated growth within the industry, we have fully stuck to upholding our core value of providing the most practical, innovative, sustainable, and cutting-edge designs at unrivaled prices. Our goal is to lessen the expenses of our customers while providing them with some of the highest quality engineering and inspection services in the country.


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