We offer the following electrical engineering/design services and deliverables to meet our Clients needs and requirements for power distribution systems:

Power System Studies and Calculations

Conduct electrical power system studies and calculations per applicable standards and codes as below:

  • Select and size electrical equipment including circuit breakers, switches, fuses, switchgears, MCCs, power factor correction capacitor banks, panel boards, switchboards, power distribution transformers, motors, UPS, DC batteries/chargers and diesel generators.
  • Load analysis and load flow studies
  • Motor starting study
  • Short circuits study
  • Transient stability study
  • Relay coordination study and settings
  • Arc-flash study
  • Grounding system study and calculations
  • Cable sizing and cable tray fill calculations

Technical Specifications and Write-ups

Prepare equipment specifications and technical documents in accordance with the applicable industrial standards, codes and the best industrial practice as below: 

  • Specifications for major electrical equipment including modular electrical building substations
  • Electrical design basis / criteria document in accordance with the applicable codes and standards
  • Protection system philosophy narrative

Electrical Drawings and Documents

Design, engineer and generate electrical drawings / documents in compliance with the applicable standards and codes, as below:

  • Overall electrical one-line diagrams / block diagrams that present the most feasible/economical distribution configuration based on the available capacity and system restrictions
  • Electrical protection/metering one-line diagrams and protection schemes
  • Electrical equipment and load list
  • Cable raceway and cable tray system drawings/details
  • Electrical building substation general layout arrangement drawings
  • Cable/panel schedules
  • Grounding layout drawings/details

Our deliverables and tasks in I&C includes:

  • Preparation of Design criteria
  • Preparation of material and installation specs
  • Preparation of I/O list
  • Input to Control System design
  • Contribution in preparation of P&ID's
  • Preparation of Logic Diagrams
  • Preparation of Control Narratives
  • Facilitating with Integration of Control System
  • Preparation of Instruments List
  • Preparation of Control System Components General Arrangement
  • Preparation of operating / maintenance manuals