Mechanical Engineering Services

At PSC, we lead the industry in delivering all-encompassing mechanical engineering services. Our team, comprised of highly skilled and accredited professional mechanical engineers, is dedicated to providing innovative, practical, and value-added solutions. As a trusted local engineering consultant in British Columbia, we specialize in tailoring these solutions to meet your unique mechanical engineering needs. Explore our range of services:

HVAC: Expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Plumbing: Comprehensive solutions for plumbing systems.

Drainage: Strategic planning and design for effective drainage systems.

Fire Protection: Design and implementation of fire protection systems.

Fire Sprinklers: Installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Booster Pump: Ensuring reliable fire protection through booster pump systems.

Fire Safety Plan: Development and execution of comprehensive fire safety plans.

Process Pumping Systems: Tailored solutions for efficient process pumping.

Water Storage Tank: Design and installation of water storage solutions.

Fall Protection: Ensuring safety through effective fall protection measures.

Our clientele spans a wide spectrum, including architects, building owners, developers, facility managers, engineers, consultants, contractors, property managers, strata councils, fabricators, and manufacturers. With a rich history of providing engineering consultancy, our services encompass:

  • Project Feasibility Studies: In-depth assessments to determine project viability.
  • Conceptual Design: Creative and strategic conceptualization of engineering solutions.
  • Design Documents and Services: Preparation of comprehensive documents for permits, tenders, and construction.
  • Building Permit Application: Streamlined assistance in securing necessary permits.
  • Site Reviews and Inspections: Thorough on-site evaluations and inspections.
  • Fall Protection Consultation: Expert advice on fall protection measures.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA): Rigorous assessment of potential hazards and risks.

Benefit from our extensive expertise and profound knowledge in these domains, allowing us to deliver high-quality solutions precisely tailored to meet your specific needs.


Elevate your projects with Petro Sadr's premier mechanical engineering services, specializing in the design of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Our approach goes beyond the technical — we infuse engineering expertise with an artistic touch. The result is an optimal design that not only meets but exceeds client expectations in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics.

What sets us apart:

1. Cost-Efficiency: We prioritize cost savings by avoiding unnecessary expenses.
2. Optimized Designs: Our focus is on delivering designs that are not just functional but operationally efficient.
3. Maintenance Considerations: We factor in operation and maintenance requirements to enhance the longevity of our designs.
4. Aesthetic Harmony: We ensure that our HVAC solutions seamlessly integrate with architectural features, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.

In the realm of industrial services, Petro Sadr is known for its practical and client-centric approach. Our HVAC expertise extends to diverse industries, including buildings, municipal projects, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, and oil & gas. Experience excellence in mechanical engineering with Petro Sadr.

Plumbing / Fire Water Systems:

Embark on seamless and efficient mechanical systems for your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with Petro Sadr's top-tier mechanical engineering services. Our adept mechanical engineers specialize in the design of comprehensive systems, covering pump stations, storage tanks, bypass control valves, jockey pumps, distribution networks, hydrants, monitors, tank rings, wet and dry sprinkler systems, as well as hot water, cold water, and sewer systems.

Expertise Infused with Experience:

Our mechanical engineers bring a unique blend of hydraulic knowledge, flexibility, and control, enriched by years of field engineering and millwright experience. This amalgamation ensures not just functional designs but ones that optimize costs. We are confident that our solutions not only meet your needs but also save substantial costs by avoiding unnecessary expenses in procurement, construction, and operation.

Guidance and Clarity:

At Petro Sadr, we value transparency. We invite potential clients to sit with us, delve into the intricacies of our design methodologies, and gain a profound understanding of our 'HOW TO's. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind as you make decisions to embark on new projects.

Hydraulic Calculation:

At Petro Sadr Corporation (PSC), we prioritize the optimal performance of your fire protection system, and our hydraulic calculation services are integral to this commitment. Backed by a team of seasoned mechanical engineers with years of proven experience, we specialize in modeling pressurized and gravitational piping systems across diverse industries, including municipal, buildings, mining, pulp & paper, and oil & gas.

Expertise that Adds Value:

Our mechanical engineers bring a wealth of creativity and hands-on experience in both engineering and construction, providing invaluable insights at every project phase. From analyzing and optimizing project costs to delivering hassle-free designs during the study or design phases, we ensure seamless integration of fire protection systems. We analyze systems for various fluid services, including water, wastewater, stormwater, cooling water, firewater, slurry, natural gas, propane, LPG, and other hydrocarbons.

Comprehensive Solutions:

Our mechanical engineers are adept at conducting precise hydraulic calculations and drafting meticulous fire sprinkler plans. These calculations play a crucial role in ensuring the right pressure for your new fire sprinkler system. The hydraulic calculations, a testament to our commitment to quality and compliance, can be seamlessly integrated into your project documentation.

Preparation of Specifications:

Drawing from years of accumulated expertise, Petro Sadr Corporation (PSC) stands as a beacon of excellence in the meticulous preparation of design criteria, data sheets, and project specifications for a diverse range of equipment. Our proficiency extends to various critical components, including pressure vessels, tanks, specialized equipment, packages, slurry pumps, process pumps, utility pumps, metering pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, heat exchangers, boilers, loading arms, deaerators, reactors, vessels, and more.

Selection of Equipment:

Our mechanical engineers calculate, size, and select all sorts of equipment including pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, storage tanks, pressure vessels, air handlers, chillers, filters, scrubbers, cooling towers, etc. Our mechanical engineers have competencies needed for a range of projects from below one million dollars in small projects up to multi-Hundred million dollars in mega projects. We serve all industries including but not limited to buildings, municipal, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, and oil & gas.

Fall Protection System Design:

Elevate your safety standards with Petro Sadr's Fall Protection consulting services. Committed to ensuring your compliance with applicable laws and regulations, our professional technical team employs a strategic approach to implanting preventive measures that eliminate risks at their source. Here's how our consulting services can benefit your company:

Needs Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements, identifying specific areas that require attention and tailored solutions.

Estimation Support: Petro Sadr assists in formulating estimates and developing preventive measures, ensuring a proactive and cost-effective approach to safety.

System Analysis: Our experts scrutinize and inspect existing protection systems, providing insights and recommendations for enhancements.

Legal Expertise: In the unfortunate event of an incident or accident, Petro Sadr offers legal expertise, validating protection methods and equipment to ensure compliance.

Design Solutions: From passive to active systems, including guardrails, netting, single anchor points, horizontal and vertical lifelines, overhead rigid rails, ladders, fall arrest and travel restraint systems, single-point anchors, stairs, and handrails, Petro Sadr designs comprehensive safety solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Trust Petro Sadr for Fall Protection consulting that prioritizes safety, regulatory adherence, and cost-effectiveness for your company.

Capital Maintenance, EP, EPCM, & PMC

We excel and compete effectively in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Capital Maintenance and Upgrades in Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, etc.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, and Project Management Consultancy


Petro Sadr brings a wealth of expertise to the table, specializing in:

  • "Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)"
  • "Project Risk Management"
  • "Technical Problem Solving"

Our seasoned senior engineers conduct thorough "Fitness-for-Service (FFS)" evaluations for projects in diverse industries such as oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, municipal, power generation, and building. This entails a meticulous review, assessment, and optimization of design criteria across various disciplines, ensuring the structural integrity of your assets/components aligns with industry codes and standards.


PSC excels in crafting detailed Fire Safety Plans (FSPs) for a variety of structures, encompassing high-rises, propane dispenser stations, and chemical facilities. Our proficiency ensures that your FSPs not only meet but surpass compliance standards for:

  • BC Fire Code 2018 (as the minimum)
  • BC Building Code 2018 (as the minimum)
  • NFC 2018 (National Fire Code 2015, first released in 2018)
  • Fire Code (NFPA 1) 2015
  • NFPA 13-2013 (as the minimum)
  • NFPA 30-2012