Risk Management & Code Consultancy


PSC has expertise in:

  • “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)”,
  • “Project Risk Management”, and
  • “Technical Problem Solving”

for complex plants in oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, municipal, power generation, and building industries.

We do “Fitness-for-Service (FFS)” for your project and/or operation by seasoned senior engineers. We review, assess, and optimize the design criteria of various disciplines of your plant, system, unit, package, or equipment and evaluate the structural integrity of your assets/components to determine whether the asset or component is suitable for its intended purpose, using the best-practice industry codes and standards. 


PSC is one of the best in safety requirements related to causes of fire and the systems fit for protection or suppression of fire in industrial plants. We have expert engineers with 25+ years of experience in complex high-hazard industries. Our engineers are of few exemplary engineers in BC who dare to work in areas that look gray to others. We like challenges, engage with problems, study creatively, find ways to avoid or mitigate and solve our problems.