Professional Engineers and Inspectors with over 20+ years of experience

+60 Successful Projects In 2020

Canadian Owned and operated since 2009.

Petro Sadr Corporation is a well-known company for providing diversified engineering services at competitive prices. We have achieved this targeted by setting up an effective system that has enabled us to offer fees that have beaten or nearly competed engineering services sought from China, India or Latino America.

We have gathered several of the most talented engineers, project managers, and business developers, and have implemented the cutting-edge business models that have inspired our staff and partners, to improve productivity. We are one of the most recognized names in plant design, with centuries worth of cumulative experience in multi-discipline engineering, project management, procurement services, and inspection of equipment, systems, and processes.

As an engineering and procurement company, we are specialized in serving the industry with a focus on projects in mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy all across Canada.

Since our inception in 2009, Petro Sadr Corporation has been providing engineering services, quality products, and customer service to industries all over North America. We are committed to excellent engineering service, good quality products, and competitive pricing. While working in the mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy industries for many years, Petro Sadr's founder observed companies forced to compromise in materials acquisition. Our diverse team of engineers have a broad background in mechanical, process, piping, structural, electrical, material instrumentation, and civil engineering.

Some Of Our Customers Are

Fortis Mining Engineering And Manufacturing | Northern Strands | Sky High Ladders And Guardrails Inc. | EARLS Industries Ltd | Sacre Davey | Apex Universal Metal Works | Viterra | Master Fire | All Voltage Electric Ans Controls | RD Engineering Services | Centura Building Systems | Coquitlam Steel Products | North America Construction | Bond Structure Metal Works | Kanex Industrial Services | Penometal Design And Fabrication Ltd. | Ice Blue Steel | TRM Projects