Quality Policy Statement

Petro Sadr Corporation (PSC) is a reputable provider of specialized engineering and inspection services, based in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. We cater to esteemed industries such as oil and gas, water, shipping & marine, and mining across Canada. Known for our professional approach and ease of doing business, PSC is committed to talent development within the industry.

In alignment with our vision, we have established a practical and comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) at the core of our operations. This QMS serves as the foundation for continuous improvement, and we communicate relevant, attainable, and current objectives to our staff. We measure and report progress against these objectives regularly.

Our quality policy is designed to align with our organizational purpose and context. It provides a framework for setting and reviewing objectives, ensuring our commitment to meeting customers' requirements, applicable regulatory and legislative standards, and driving continual improvement in our management system.

Key principles underpinning our quality policy include:

  • Customer Focus: We strive to understand and meet the needs of our current and future customers, exceeding their expectations by delivering high-quality services at a favourable price, accompanied by excellent pre-and post-sales support.
  • Leadership: PSC's top management is dedicated to fostering a working environment where all employees are fully engaged in achieving our objectives.
  • Employee Engagement: We recognize the importance of our people and focus on providing them with the best job opportunities and work satisfaction.
  • Process Approach: We manage activities and resources as interconnected processes to achieve desired results efficiently.
  • Improvement: Continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system is a primary annual objective for us.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making: Decisions related to our QMS are based on thorough analysis of relevant data and information.
  • Relationship Management: We foster mutually beneficial relationships with our external providers, emphasizing courtesy, trust, and fairness in all interactions.

We also commit to meeting the requirements of other interested parties and fulfilling our social, environmental, charitable, regulatory, and legislative responsibilities. Conducting our affairs in an efficient, capable, and friendly manner is essential, leaving a positive impression on everyone associated with us.

Our quality objectives, which align with this policy, can be found in the latest published version of our Quality Objectives Document. We ensure this policy is available and communicated to all interested parties through our Company Noticeboard.

Maryam Ghazanfari

Sales Manager

May 2023