Selection of Equipment and Material:

We calculate, size, and select all sorts of equipment and material including pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, storage tanks, pressure vessels, air handlers, chillers, filters, scrubbers, cooling towers, pipes, valves, fittings, special items, etc.

Our engineers have competencies needed for a range of projects from below one million dollars in small projects, up to multi-hundred million dollars in mega projects. We serve all industries including but not limited to buildings, municipal, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, and oil & gas.

When it comes to procurement we can serve our customers with the following tasks:

  • Plan and monitor the supply of material/equipment
  • Prepare contracts
  • Negotiate with suppliers and shipping companies
  • Perform Technical Bid Analysis (TBA’s or TBE’s)
  • Prepare Inspection and Test Plan documents (ITP’s)
  • Assign Third Party Inspectors
  • Plan material lifting and shipment
  • Control/Audit quality documents/systems
  • Control contractual/financial documents
  • Schedule payment milestones
  • Control procurement progress and approve invoices (if authorized, on behalf of clients)